CDA Fondo

Sat September 17, 2022 Coeur D Alene, ID 83814 US
Course Info

We do our best to always stick to the courses as published, but please be advised that final course routes are subject to change as determined necessary by race officials and permitting authorities for the safety of all participants. Occasionally there are emergency construction projects or unforeseen road closures that necessitate a an alternative route.  Any changes to final course routes will be emailed to all participants in the weeks leading up to the event.

Gran Fondo :: 119 miles

Digital Map

Medio Fondo :: 91 miles

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Centro Fondo :: 54 miles

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Piccolo Fondo :: 39 miles

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Family Fondo :: 14 miles

Course Safety & Rules
  • CDA Fondo is a fun ride, not a race. Riders must observe all Idaho state laws while operating a bicycle, obey al traffic lights, signs, and flaggers. All roads are still open to traffic with vehicles.
  • Race starts at 7:30am (Centro riders to boat, leaving at 8am)
  • All riders must stay on the right and if you are passing please communicate to other riders by announcing 'on your left' as you pass.
  • No sprinting. This is a fun ride not a race, sprinting is strictly prohibited along the course and at the start and finish lines.
  • Use of aerobars is not permitted from mile 0 - mile 17 of Gran, Medio, Piccolo courses.
  • Drafting while using aerobars is not permitted at any time on any course.
  • Leave a cushion between you and other riders especially while riding for the first several miles. Riders should think of the first several miles as a neutral start.
  • Be alert for the short gravel section on course and ride with caution through this area.
  • No personal support vehicles on courses during the CDA Fondo.
  • Be predictable and communicate with other riders-do not make sudden stops or swerves.
    • If you have to slow or stop let riders behind you know by yelling "Stopping!".
    • Point with a full extended arm in the direction you are turning.

We are still excited for race day, and planning for an exciting day. This is a rain or shine event, please plan for all weather conditions. Be over-prepared, and use your gear check and special needs bags as needed.  

All distances will encounter a brief one mile of gravel section between miles along Yellowstone Trail Road about 8 miles from McEuen Park. Piccolo and Centro riders will cross this section once, Medio and Gran riders will cross this section twice.

Due to the nature of the course and riding on highways and freeways, we recommend and strongly encourage to not ride with headphones or earbuds in during the event. This will allow you to hear oncoming riders, traffic, directions from volunteers, and overall return to the finish line safely. 

Cell phone reception is poor in some parts of the course. If you lose cell phone service and need immediate assistance on the course, every volunteer and course support vehicle will have radio communications. If you lose cell phone service your Ride with GPS or other map system may disconnect but it will reconnect and reroute once you've maintained cell service again. 

The courses will be well marked at all the major turns but we suggest the use of a GPS or use of Ride with GPS on your smartphone for additional confidence in way-finding.  


Aid stations will be scattered along the course. Aid Stations will be stocked with water, electrolyte drinks, assorted fruit, and bars. Additionally, the Harrison Aid station will be serving some breakfast and lunch food options. Use your tear tag on your jersey bib number to get your food at the food stop. 

  • Piccolo: Mile 18, and Mile 39 (Food)
  • Centro: Mile 15 (Food), and Mile 35
  • Medio: Mile 18, Mile 39 (Food), Mile 52 (Food), and Mile 73
  • Gran: Mile 18, Mile 39 (Food), Mile 57, Mile 80 (Food), and Mile 101
  • Family: self service water table at top of Bennett Bay hill at Mile 5 & 10

**exact locations are subject to change based on final permits and community groups supporting each station.

There will be tech support on the course, but please be prepared since it may take time for them to reach you. Be sure you have everything you need to fix a flat or other bike maintenance issues. We strongly encourage you to make sure your bike is tuned up and ready to go on race day.  The majority of our tech issues on course are due to people riding bikes that have not had recent maintenance. Due to recent supply chain issues, bike techs may only have limited parts to help fix your bicycle. Tech support will be available at various aid station locations around the course. If you are unable to get to an aid station for tech support, please call the Negative Split general phone number 208-806-1311. 


For all major medical emergencies please dial 911. All fire departments surrounding the lake are aware of the event and ready to dispatch in case of emergencies. 

For technical issues or in the event you are unable to continue, please call the negative split general phone number 208-806-1311. There will be a course SAG vehicle in the event that a rider's bicycle breaks down beyond repair. 





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